Hannah France

A/R Specialist


Favorite quote: “Meow or Never”


Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books? Dough Boys Podcast, The Light of the Fireflies, The Butterfly Garden


What is something [people in your industry/niche] owners have to deal with that you want to fix? There’s definitely lots of confusion with the financials involved in insurance restoration projects. Understanding deductibles, depreciation, policy limits, payment plans, change orders, supplements, liens, and ACV can be overwhelming for homeowners and in turn can create lots of confusion and conflict surrounding the payment process. Finding a quick, simple way to explain this to the homeowner is something we always struggle with. We’ve had years to understand and they were thrown into it after experiencing an often devasting loss to their home. I would love to find a way to simplify this when speaking to the homeowner.


What do you do at [your company]? I collect money (invoicing etc.), general accounting (reporting etc.), job costing, admin support, and I dabble in HR with worker’s compensation and some other stuff.


What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position? I was the office manager at a Day Spa for 3 years prior handling everything from IT, scheduling, payroll, and accounting. I also cheated the system and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pacific University in just 3 years with a degree in Chemistry.


What’s your Archetype? The Wise Old Man


What do you like about working at [your company]? It feels like family. There is an overall sense of belonging and ambition.


What’s your background? I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life. I grew up in a log house and have since downgraded to a tiny house in the woods. Still, I’m not very outdoorsy, but I have worked on a farm! I’ve always been a rule follower – I even served on the conduct board while in college.


What are the values that drive you? I’m very achievement-oriented. I like to see goals exceeded in terms of numbers, which I suppose is why I like accounting.  Also, respect is one of the most important things to me. Debates or negotiations without mutual respect will never lead to a win-win solution.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? I hang out with my husband and cats on the weekends. I go through phases of reading like a maniac. I also like to keep up with the Kardashians, play board games, watch game shows, online shop, and make jewelry. I’m also on a quest to eat at as many Mexican Restaurants as possible.