Charley “Chaz” Hurley

Director – 1 800 BOARD UP

If there’s one thing Charley, or Chaz, knows it’s fire. And as you can imagine, fire knowledge comes in handy when it comes to disaster repair. Of Chaz’s 38+ years in the fire service industry (20 of which were spent as Senior Chief Officer and Fire Chief), he has completed 14 courses from the National Fire Academy, as well as earned certifications from both the California State and Nevada Fire Marshals. As Director of Emergency Services for 1-800-BOARDUP, Chaz has the very critical role of assisting victim families through emergency situations, bringing structure, support, and comfort to a chaotic and difficult time. Though Chaz finds great reward in helping people navigate through disastrous moments in their life, he balances the chaos he faces at work by his love for singing (fun fact: in high school Chaz sang in an award-winning acappella jazz ensemble!).  With an appreciation for the finer things, Chaz often attends musical productions or plays in downtown Portland, accompanied by his lovely wife, Jodi.