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Dear Northwest Restoration,

We can’t thank your team enough for helping us navigate our home restoration situation. In the 22 years we’ve been homeowners, we’ve never had to make an insurance claim and the process involved with the water damage our home sustained was very foreign. From start to finish, we knew we were in good hands with your company.   Mark did an excellent job keeping in constant communication with timely updates and immediate responses to our inquiries and Robert took great care treating our home as if it were his own.  Our satisfaction was always a priority and we are grateful for NWR taking much of the stress out of this unanticipated situation.  THANK YOU!!!

- Julie Crist, State Farm Water Damage

Dear Northwest Restoration,

Thank you for all that you did to help me with the water damage in my home.  Your service was outstanding and I would recommend you to anyone without reservation.  Having major work done in your home is always stressful, but I can tell you from my experience with other contractors that the anxieties, headaches, and problems that may come up can be easily magnified to nightmarish proportions when you are living temporarily out of state as I am and cannot be there to keep an eye on things.  Not so with Northwest Restoration!  You proved yourself to be consistently reliable and professional.  Your constant communication and photo updates made me feel as though I was there every step of the way.  I always knew exactly who was going to be in my house and exactly what was going on with the project.  All of the subctontractors you selected performed quality work and were trustworthy, pleasant, and easy to deal with.  From start to finish, I never worried about a thing and I slept easy at night knowing that I could trust your judgement.  I honestly could not have asked for a better experience, and I am so grateful to you for making the whole process completely painless.

- Jennifer Kaufman, Safeco Insurance

Dear Northwest Restoration,

A huge thank you for being the epitome of customer service during the last seven months while you restored our burned out house. I’ve been amiss in sending out this long overdue letter of appreciation solely because there just doesn’t seem to be words that express my gratification.

I’d grown to know that Northwest Restoration proved to be the exception in the most positive way. They communicated…timely and effectively. They collectively recovered from errors/concerns. They always did what was promised and never let their high standards fail. They offered suggestions that I hadn’t thought of prior and welcomed the brain storming process I found to be so advantageous.

I would describe NWR structure more as a culture. They were empathetic to my needs and concerns and they reached out to me asking for my involvement and critique and for these reasons I believe they have not only happy customers like me but they have happy employees. It is understood that in such a large project where so many people were involved there was going to be different perspectives on the same subject. Where simply an interpretation by one could be taken as confusion by another it was more important than ever that everyone stay on the same page and adhere to the time line and budge put forth. NWR has it figured out.

Working with the best there is in restoration proved to me that Northwest Restoration were no strangers to being:

• Accurate
• Dependable
• Empathic
• Knowledgeable
• Flexible

This process was a journey of knowledge and growth for me and of restoring faith in mankind as much
as it was about rebuilding a house into a home. Although many might view this process as painful I feel
that life is a journey in itself that ebbs and flows, twists and turns and we had won the lottery when we
had NWR assigned to us by our insurance company.

Again my words are humbled by the blanketed warmth and superior work that Northwest Restoration
(Jim, Gary and all the subcontractors and workers) provided during our time of need.

With great gratification I am,

- Darlene O’Brien, All State Insurance

Dear Northwest Restoration,

I want you to know you have been so amazing through this entire process. I am so happy with the outcome you have no idea. The house looks amazing and 100 times better than it did pre-fire disaster. I really have no idea how to properly express my gratitude to you, Jim, and your team. One would think that it might be an awful experience to have to rebuild a house that is 900 miles away. The fact that we only had to come up there one time for the initial meeting is a complete testament to your professionalism and your ability to listen, see our vision and bring it to fruition. You have made me laugh every single time I have spoken with you. Something that I would imagine is not easy to do with someone whose house has burned down. The house looks exactly like I pictured it would in my head when we started this process. It was like you were able to tap into the vision I had in my head and bring it to reality. Thank you so much for everything you have done. For all of your patience with us, for driving to get our appliances, for communicating every step of the way and most of all for bringing me donuts! Next time we are in town we would love to take you and your wife for dinner.

- Eric Saylor & Janine Lewis – All State Fire Loss

Dear Northwest Restoration,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of appreciation to all the people at your company who assisted in the restoration of our home. It was late afternoon when I received a call that a big fir tree had fallen into our house. I had just finished up at work and headed for home immediate y. On the way I called my State Farm Insurance Agent to inform him. About an hour later I was coming up our road about 5 miles south east of Estacada. Because of the stormy weather and our elevation we had about 10 to 12 inches of snow. On a steep incline I slowly passed a roofing truck, but didn’t think it was heading to our house because it had been such a short time since I had called the insurance company. I pulled into our drive and the first sight that l saw was Ted Cunningham standing outside his Northwest Restoration truck. As it turned out Serve Pro had received a call from State Farm Insurance to come up and see how they might help. Ted knew the folks at Serve Pro and decided to see if could also assist. Ted let me know right away that he was there to help if he could, but he was not there at the request of State Farm Insurance. I said, well Ted it’s 7:30 at night, it’s snowing and nasty out, the power is out, and you showed up ready to help. It was very clear to me he had the attitude I wanted in the people who can put things back together for me and my family. It turned out that having Northwest Restoration do the work was the best decision I could have made. The next day repairs started quickly and It was apparent that there organized approach in handling the multitude of tasks was impressive. In addition we were informed and consulted on each step of the process. Their attention to detail caught things I would have never even thought of. They are true professionals Ted and Jesse, whose polite positive attitudes make the whole process seem easy. Before closing this letter I must mention the talented hard working sub-contractors who came in and just got it done right!

Please feel free to show this letter of recommendation to any of your prospective clients or if they would like to call and talk to me personally I’d be happy to do so. Best wishes and thanks for a job well done!

- Bill Vail – State Farm